Articles for December 2015

Want a copy of FURY OF DRACULA?

It’s the Season of Giving, you know. So why not give your friends and family the thing they really want this holiday season: a chance to sign up and win a copy of Fantasy Flight’s “Fury of Dracula”. That’s right, Gateway Games is giving away a game that isn’t even ours. ‘Cause, really, who gives away their own stuff? Tacky people who aren’t still waiting for their game to be manufactured, that’s who. Also, Fury of Dracula is an awesome game that we are super stoked about and have been playing the stuffing out of. We love this game, and we think you might maybe sorta like it a little.

So here’s what you need to do: Put your E-Mail address in that little box on the right to sign up for the mailing list, (unless you are on one of those fancy mobile devices that kids use to twitter themselves from these days, then you need to scroll all the way down) then share the URL with anyone else who’d like to win a copy of FoD and get them to sign up so they’ll do the same. It’s sort of like a Chain Letter only no one dies like in that old Christopher Pike novel. E-Mails from us will provide you with inside information about future releases, special promo offers, pictures of our cats, and definitely not ever any viruses ever, never ever. We will also never give your E-mail address to anyone else, because what kind of monster would do that? Even Dracula doesn’t suck that much.

The drawing will be held on January 1st, 2016, so make sure you sign up before Dec. 31st at midnight Central Time for your chance to win!

EDIT: You know who does suck though? Spam filters. That’s who.  Apparently our first email ever (your confirmation email) tends to get rounded up by spam filters.  Check there if you didn’t get a confirmation email.

If you don’t want to enter, that’s fine. We’re not mad at ‘ya. We do really suggest heading over to Fantasy Flight’s Website to check out Fury of Dracula, though. It’s the jam!

HOW TO SERVE MAN now available for Preorder!

Great news, everyone! you can now secure your copy of everyone’s favorite Cosmic Cooking Competition board game, HOW TO SERVE MAN! We are taking pre-orders for the game over on our shop page.
This is no skimpy starter edition, either. This is the KICKstarter Edition with all the stretch goal awards you’ve unlocked: the B.E.T.H. judges, the Galactic Garnishes, the Valentine’s Day Promos, all that stuff. Once these are gone, however, they’re gone. The next run will be for the basic version, and the extras will be rolled into expansions that will be sold separately.
Order before January 15th and your game will ship alongside the Kickstarter rewards, directly from our fulfillment centers.