Articles for March 2016

The Time Of The Shippening Is Upon Us

The games are here! Shipping can finally begin!

Here is just a portion of the games in Jamie’s garage.


Here is an open box with other boxes inside it.


So yeah! How To Serve Man. In our garage. And, well, other places. It’s sort of like in Pandemic where the sickness starts in one place but slowly begins to spread across the globe until everyone is infected and dies! Only, you know, instead of painful bleeding extinction, it’s tabletop entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

Did we mention the games have arrived?

FINALLY. So what happens now?

First off, the games have been separated into four different groups: Local to St. Louis, United States, Canada, and International.

Games going to backers local to St. Louis will be shipped out by us directly or will be available for pickup at one of the following events:

  • Tuesday, March 15th from 6:30-9:30 at Stacked, 7637 Ivory, 63111
  • Wednesday, March 16th from 7-10 at Arch Reactor, 2215 Scott, 63103
  • Thursday, March 17th from 6-10 at Game Nite, 8330 Watson Rd, 63119

Games going to backers within the United States will be serviced by Amazon Fulfillment Services. We’re estimating that those backers should expect to receive tracking information by the beginning of April, but you know how good we are at estimating around here. We’ll be checking in with the ‘Zon to see if they can give us a more specific date.

Canadians, your games are headed to Snakes and Lattes, who will handle fulfillment once they arrive in your beautiful country. They’ll let us know when that begins.

Our friends at Miniature Market are helping us get the games meant for our international backers out a little faster. It’ll still be a bit before you guys get them, but we’re hoping that going this route will shave a few weeks off your already extended wait time.

Almost At The End

We are really excited to reach this final part of a long, somewhat fumbling, but always well-intentioned journey. We’ve learned a lot and we’ll probably put together a post breaking down everything that’s happened since launching this project over a year ago. Mostly though, we’re excited that you’ll finally get a chance to play How To Serve Man. We hope you like it. After all, we couldn’t have done it without you.