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Problem with one of our games? Want to feature Gateway Games on your board game blog or podcast? Just want to tell us how rad we are? Well you are in luck, my friend, because the page you’re reading right now is the official Gateway Games Contact Us page. Pretty convenient, right?

You’ll find all the ways you can contact us listed below. So take my hand and let’s fly off on a MESSAGING ADVENTU-oh wait, we’re already here. Golly, that was sort of lackluster.

Customer Service

Customers, crowdfunding backers, rich elderly uncles who left their total assets to us upon death  – Gateway Games wouldn’t be here without all of you, and we want to make sure your experience buying and playing our games is a good one. Whether your order went missing, your game pieces are broken, or you just want to share some feedback on how to make the game better, email us at and we’ll do our best to answer you as soon as possible.

Sales Inquiries

If you’re interested in carrying one of our board games in your store or need to restock, you can email us at

Press and Media Inquiries

Bloggers, podcasters, video makers and reviewers, take note: Gateway Games would be happy to assist you in creating the unending stream of content that floods the Internet every single day. Drop Jason H-L a line at with any press and marketing inquires.

Game Development Inquiries

Any questions concerning game development or Gateway Games as a company specifically, should be sent to our Head of Game Development Jamie Toon at

The Social Medias

If email isn’t your thing, we’re also available through various social media accounts. Fair warning: we might not get back to you as quickly as we would if you email. You might want to just email first, THEN slide into our DMs or whatever the kids are saying nowadays.