Defend Neo Tokyo

You’re at the controls of a six-story combat mech! But will it be enough to save Neo Tokyo from the giant monsters?

In this cooperative board game for up to five players, you build a Mech out of unique parts to create a deadly combat machine! Then take the controls and head into Neo Tokyo to battle Giant Monsters – but watch out for the citizens caught in the crossfire.

Featuring five-player cooperative battles, you and your friends will work to create the most effective Mechs you can from the parts you have on hand, then defend Neo Tokyo from the gigantic horrors that attack it. If you can work together with your teammates, choose the best strategy, and effectively manage your mech’s power supply and repairs, Neo Tokyo may just survive. If you can’t, then it’s Game Over, man.

With dozens of Mech options and three different Monster Types, no two games are ever the same!