We all make mistakes. Some mistakes are very large, like allowing humanity to rampantly impose its selfish will upon an entire planet full of sentient creatures and fragile ecosystems. Other mistakes are small yet annoying blunders made by very well-intentioned individuals who, perhaps, overlooked some errors in their first board game.

Speaking of which, the following is a list of Errata for HOW TO SERVE MAN. We’ll be making downloadable replacement images for each card soon but, until then, you’ll find some tips for correcting game materials below.




Text should read “The player in last place chooses a Cooking Station and puts this card on it. That space may not be used while this is there. Discard this card before resolving the next event. It there is a tie for last place, discard this card.”







A Glitch in Space Time

Text should read: “Starting with the player that drew this card and proceeding clockwise, Each player may choose a space on the board and use its effects as if they had placed their Master Chef on it. The Presentation Table may not be chosen for this event.”








Sudden Metamorphosis

Text should read: Only turn the Judge that is claimed face up once claimed. The others remain face down until they are claimed.  If a player reveals a B.E.T.H. Judge when chosen, it is claimed like normal.

Card should also be named Sudden Metamorphosis because that is the correct way to spell it.







Nyrim Aks

Should give a penalty of -3 points per Fried Meat used.









Ptalaga’s timing should read “*/End of Game” Text should read: Gain +10 points when claiming Ptalaga. -1 Point for each Judge you have claimed at End of Game.








The Ashes of James Doohan

Awards points to the player who has claimed him after the active player completes his “score judges” step of completing a recipe.









If you reveal a B.E.T.H. Judge when claiming the top card of the Judge deck, it does not count as your claimed Judge. You gain the B.E.T.H. Judge, then reveal another Judge to claim as per his ability. This may cause multiple B.E.T.H. Judges to be gained.









Text should read: Upon gaining Lobok, choose one of your other judges to Migrate to another player. The next time you gain a Judge, choose a player for Lobok to Migrate to.”







Dr. Kpss Bonsrr

Text should read: “When gained, All players discard a recipe from their hand requiring meat, or reveal a hand containing none.”








Text should read: “All of your recipes cost +2 Raw Vegetables. You may discard a Cooked Vegetable to Migrate this Judge to another player.








The Game Board

“The Cookbook” space should read “Draw 3 Recipe Cards, Keep 1, Return the others to the bottom of their respective decks”.


So now you know which materials are broken, but now what? Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Remove the cards from the game completely. Shun them. Hide them from the light’s warm touch. Place them in a shoebox and lock it deep within a closet that no one ever opens. Never waste another thought about your poor excuse for a father I MEAN the cards ever again.
  2. Play with the cards as they are. If a game breaking bug occurs, call out “SELF-DESTRUCT SEQUENCE ACTIVATED.” Before your chefs flee to to their escape pods, each player receives a Victory Point for unused ingredient token they have collected.
  3. Wait for us to create downloadable replacements (it won’t be much longer, we swear) and either:
    • Print the replacements to heavy card stock and slip into the same protective sleeve into which you place your other cards.
    • Print the replacements to adhesive sticker paper and CAREFULLY replace the front image with the corrected version