There comes a time in the life of every young game company when thoughts turn to promotional merch. To that end, Gateway Games is proud to announce fancy How To Serve Man t-shirts!

How To Serve Man Shirt

We don’t have a model but it does look pretty sweet haphazardly folded on a table.

Let’s face it: Polite society demands people wear clothing most of the time. So if you’re going to wear a shirt, why not wear one that declares your love for the galaxy’s favorite cooking competition? Make perfect sense to us, anyway. Besides, these 100% high-quality black cotton tees feature a road map to the tastiest bits of people, er, meeples. The only way this shirt could be any better is if it came in Women’s AND Men’s sizes, and guess what? WE’VE GOT BOTH.

Supplies are very limited, so if you want to make sure you’ve got one of these shirts for your next BBQ, you’ll need to jump on that quick. We’re not sure when we’ll get another run printed, but it won’t be for a long while.

Pop on over to our shop and grab a How To Serve Man shirt while supplies last. Who knows? If these do well, maybe we’ll branch out into Gateway Games aprons? Socks? UnderpOKAY okay, just the shirts for now, geez.