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How To Serve Man is the debut game from Gateway Games. In this humorously unique light worker placement game, players step into the undulating skin of intergalactic chefs to do battle in the ultimate interstellar cooking competition using the best ingredient in the galaxy: Humans! During gameplay, players will race through Space Arena Kitchen as they gather ingredients and create a variety of gruesome meals. If players impress the judges, they get bonus points. If they don’t, then their hopes and dreams of being Space Arena Kitchen Champion will be tossed in the garbage incinerator with the rest of the leftovers.

Whip up space gravy at the Blender! Clone up some veggie matter at the Replicator! Nuke some flavor into your entrée with the Gamma Wave Oven! Drag the freshest humans kicking and screaming out of the Meat Pens! Impress the Judges and win so you don’t get blasted out of the Airlock of Disappointment like Chef To’Lurk! Poor Chef To’Lurk. He had a family, you know.

Funded by over 800 Kickstarter backers at 170% of the original goal, How To Serve Man is already a hit among new and veteran game enthusiasts. This success proves that everything is proceeding according to the prophecies of K’Nark The Incredibly Tentacled and we will soon burst forth from these Earthling disguises and take our place as your eternal conquerors.

Game Contents

150 Cards
–    30 Appetizer Cards
–    30 Entrée Recipe Cards
–    30 Dessert Recipe Cards
–    30 Judges
–    30 Events
6 Playmats
6 Master Chef Tokens
12 Sous-Chef Tokens
6 Master Chef Tokens
39 Meat Meeples
39 Veggie Tokens
15 Sauce Blocks
45 Pantry Tokens
6 Score Track Tokens
Good Times A-Plenty!


You guys got your first game funded through Kickstarter?

Yeah, it was pretty crazy. We raised almost $34,000, nearly 170% of what we asked for, too!

It wasn’t easy, though. It being our first project, we made a few mistakes along the way. But, in the end, people got their games and really seem to like them. You can read up on all the updates and tears of the How To Serve Man project page right here if you’re into that sort of thing.

How do you play How To Serve Man?

Strategically and with a heart full of joy. You can also download the rulebook right here.

How can I get a copy of my very own to play and love and keep me company on those lonely nights when darkness and doubt seem to wrap their tendrils around my once cheerful heart?

Um, well, you could order a copy directly from us. How To Serve Man is also available at select online retailers like Amazon, Miniature Mart, Snakes & Ladders and others.

Oh, and if you happen to be a game store or online game retailer who’s interested in carrying How To Serve Man, we’d love to hear from you. Email us, please? Pretty please? With sugar on top?

I got my copy of How To Serve Man but the some of the materials inside are busted/missing/actual pieces of meat covered in glitter. What do I do?

We’re sorry your game took some battle damage in its journey to wait a second, did you say glitter-covered meat was in your box? Really? That’s… huh.

Well anyway, we’ll do our best to get replacement parts out to you as quickly as possible. Simply take a few photos of the game, email support@gatewaygames.us (or message us on Kickstarter if you backed the project), and we’ll do what we can to fix the problem.


Whoa, okay, listen, everything is going to be fine. Just have the players who tied add up the points listed on their completed Recipe cards. Whoever has the most points based on Recipe cards alone is declared Champion of Space Arena Kitchen.

If somehow there is still a tie, both players are given thirty minutes to create an actual, original, real-life dish using only ingredients that are available in the home in which they are playing. Players not involved in the tie will act as judges for the completed dishes and will declare the winner based on originality, presentation, taste and number of humans used to create the dish.

Or, you know, just declare a tie. It’s not so bad to share a win with someone you care about, is it?

Hey jerks, I found some typos and game-breaking errors in your little Snakes & Ladders rip-off! What are you going to do about it?

We put a lot of work into editing and playtesting How To Serve Man but we still missed a handful of things. Sorry about that. We will be posting corrected digital copies on the HTSM Errata page along with some tips to correct the game yourself very soon. We’ll also be posting a corrected downloadable rulebook for your reading pleasure.

Dudes, the rules on Galactic Garnishes card are really small. Can you maybe put them somewhere that’s more, you know, readable?

How about right here?

Galactic Garnishes are a special type of recipe card. There are three Garnish Cards for each Recipe course. Each one functions as a Standard Recipe Card would EXCEPT:

1. Players do not claim a Judge after playing a Garnish. Instead, that player draws a new Recipe from any pile.

2. Completed Garnishes score NO POINTS from Judges.

3. Completed Garnishes do NOT count as completed recipes at the end of the game

Playing with the Galactic Garnishes mini-expansion:

After starting Recipe Cards are handed out, Garnish cards are then shuffled into their respective Recipe decks. To gain a Garnish card, players must visit the Cookbook and draw one from a Recipe deck.

Dudes, the rules on B.E.T.H. Judges card are really small. Can you maybe put them somewhere that’s more, you know, readable?

Wait, didn’t you just… Nevermind. Here are the B.E.T.H. Judge rules.

B.E.T.H. (Beings for the Ethical Treatment of Humans) are total party crashers and tentacle waggers who have somehow gotten themselves invited into the Judge pool with the intention to ambush, harass and embarrass the Master Chefs on Intergalactic TV.

Playing with the B.E.T.H. Judges mini-expansion:

Shuffle the B.E.T.H. Judges in with the regular Judges after the Judge Pool is filled during set-up.

If a B.E.T.H. Judge is revealed (be it from completing a recipe, resolving an Event, etc.), the player revealing the B.E.T.H. Judge must immediately claim the card and add it to their collection of Judges unless otherwise stated on the card. So if the card doesn’t say you can give it to another player, you’re stuck with it.

Are you the Four Hollow Ones? The destined vessels of the shattered spirit of the Divine Hero who was felled by the Night War-Wizard Stephen?

Why do we keep getting this question? For the last time, Gateway Games is in no way related to any known prophecies regarding ancient wizards, alien invasions, the end of the world as we know it, the Final Yawning of the Eternal and All-Consuming Void, the whereabouts of the Sword of Re’Lik the Betrayer, OR this Four Hollow Ones nonsense.

But hey, if anyone has any tips on where we might find the pieces of the shattered Illuminos Crystal, email us, will you? It’s, uh, for a friend.