About Me


I am a thirty-something year old Tattoo Artist and Illustrator from St. Louis, Missouri. I attended St. Louis Community College at Forest Park and had the privilege of learning under some of St. Louis' finest working artists including Mark Weber, James Smith, Tarrell Carter and Yingxue Zuo. During my time there, I studied mostly Drawing and Painting but also branched out into Printmaking and Photography. I started my Tattoo Apprenticeship in 2005 at TRX Tattoos under Randy Murray, and have been working as a professional tattooist since April 2006. During this time, I have continued to create artwork in a variety of mediums, including digital illustration and graphic design. In 2014, along with 3 other friends, I founded Gateway Games, a tabletop game company. In addition to helping manage the company, I am the Art Director and primary Illustrator. I still live and work in St. Louis with my longtime partner and two dogs, and travel whenever I get the chance.


Please use the form below to contact me for any additional information uncluding booking for tattoos or inquiries about illustration or graphic design